• Linda Jackson

Exploring my options

I am thinking of what my next steps will be. The idea of working in the art field, even teaching is attractive to me right now. To teach in the higher education realm I need a masters in fine art. I explored teaching at Painting With a Twist but it didn't seem to be a good fit for me. Today I considered applying to Fontbonne University but it is expensive. Travelling is always alluring but that is a short term goal. Tickets are so expensive to Europe right now. There are some museums I would like to visit in the east right now. I am considering a body of work to pursue painting. Just haven't gotten started on it yet. Things I have put off are taking up my time right now like taking down the Christmas decorations, cleaning the bathroom and just going slow. My dog and I are taking regular walk to the park. We saw a live possum tonight.

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Three artworks were accepted in the online exhibition. One dear to my heart, "Bubbles in Prague" which is about playfulness, travel, richness of art. Here is the link: