• Elle

I finally did it.

On Saturday, December 14, I fulfilled the requirements for a BFA in Painting at SIU-E, graduating Cum Laude! Oh Lawd! A fulfillment of an ambition going back to when I was 18, starting as a freshman at University of Arkansas.

The photo is with my daughter, Amber, and sister-in-law, Susie. They're part of my "tribe".

This is the first time ever for me to walk...I didn't participate in ceremonies for my BA and M Ed.

This was a really valuable experience and not just a few years ending with a piece of paper. I truly can say that I've finally learned how to paint; meaning, being in the zone and seeing things on the canvas. There's much more to learn, and I'm on track to keep learning.

Now that seven years of endeavor are complete, I should have time for important things: Painting, blogging, keeping the website updated, and other stuff.

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