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Exhibit at MySLART 33 April

Sorry to be so long in communicating, I've been busy with SIU, my husband, and our Cecily Dawg...a somewhat hyperactive one-year-old Wheaton Terrier.

Starting Friday, March 30, three of my paintings will be on display in the MySLART 33 April exhibit at Old Orchard Gallery in Webster Groves.

"BUBBLES IN PRAGUE", "SOULMATES", and "PUSSYWILLOWS" are in the front lobby as you enter the gallery...I'm not sure if this means the nice people at Old Orchard like them, or they just want you to get past them :) .

Whatever. It's a great showing of the works of thirty-three St. Louis artists.

Oh, here's Cecily Dawg and Paul...aren't they cute?

Old Orchard Gallery is at 39 S. Old Orchard in Webster Groves, MO, 314 961-4433. There are some great cafes close by, and it's just a nice area to walk around and browse all the shops.

The exhibit will be open until April 9, so please take a moment to enjoy.

Other news...two of my paintings were sold at the annual SIU-Edwardsville Friends of Art 41st Annual Art Auction on March 16.

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