about Elle...

Cheering the Harrison

Goblins to victory.

I was born and raised in the Boston Mountains of northwest Arkansas.  I grew up with a reverence and appreciation for the beauty of nature and an artistic inclination that came from my dad, a musician, and my mom, a painter.


I make my home in St. Louis, MO.  I have an undergrad degree in social welfare and a master's degree in education, both from the University of Arkansas. I recently completed a degree in fine art from Southern Illinois University.  Paul, my husband, works in educational media and is a musician.  Between us, we have five kids and five grandkids.


My other interests include classical, jazz and blues music, herbal medicine and massage therapy. I am a naturopath and am licensed to practice massage therapy in Texas and Missouri.

Painting  is something I do with my hands to place my voice in the world.


The impressions spring onto the canvas, whatever medium that might be, as an expression of my reaction to contemporary social and emotional issues.

Elle display at UTT ver 2.jpg

at UT - Tyler

My studio at my home in St. Louis County, MO

B.F.A., Painting - Southern Illinois University
Art Studio - University of Texas
Art Studio - St. Louis Community College
B.A., Social Welfare - University of Arkansas
M.Ed., Counselor Education - University of Arkansas
Journey - SIU Edwardsville, IL
Artist's Process - Jacoby Art Center, Alton, IL 
Soulard Art Gallery - St. Louis, MO
Bhojana Java - Tyler, TX
Nasty Women Exhibit - New York, NY
NCECA - Milwaukee, WI
Will Flores Fund - Art - St. Louis, MO
 The Nth Degree at The Foundry - St. Charles, MO
Certified Massage Therapist - Hands On Therapy School
Licensed Massage Therapist - State of Texas
& State of Missouri
Certified Naturopath - Herbal Healer Academy